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13 May 2007 The Mall Sabrina's enjoying the weekend. Granted,… - Peter's Ponderings

About 13 May 2007 The Mall Sabrina's enjoying the weekend. Granted,…

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13 May 2007
The Mall

Sabrina's enjoying the weekend. Granted, she's on call, but that just means she has to be ready to drop and run to the clinic if something comes up, not that she can't enjoy herself until such time as an emergency crops up. She's wearing a bright blue blouse today, as opposed to her more usual T-shirts, but the worn, comfortable jeans and tennis shoes are the same. She's window shopping, eyeing some truly godawful looking dresses in a shop window with an undisguised look of horror on her face. How can *anyone* wear such things?

Speaking of godawful looking clothes, Cipto Rakata looks like he might have been running out. He strolls down the crowded mall walkway wearing blue jeans and a relatively harmless plain yellow button-down short-sleeved shirt rather than his trademark batik monstrosity. But the clear plastic bag that dangles from the crook of one arm displays that he's remedied the situation - the specific print of the fabric is not clear from the way it's folded, but it definitely involves watermelon, teal, and yellow. His walk is slow and even, and he appears unfazed by the crowds, slipping through with practiced ease to avoid collision.

Piotr is, once again, out of the mansion, which is becoming rather the pattern at the moment, but this time he is neither alone nor with one of the two young women who occupy a rather disproportionate amount of his time. Here as chaperone -- and hopefully not a bodyguard -- to one of te school's unluckier students, he heads out of the previous shop with a glance across to make sure Walter is still following, asking lightly, "All right, where to next?"

Walter follows out, empty handed, having found nothing in that store either.  He gnaws on his bottom lip a little as he looks around.  "Not sure..."  He taps his foot lightly.  "How about that way?" he asks, pointing towards the store the yellow-shirted individual just stepped out of.

Sabrina turns to move to the next window, shaking her head at the dresses still, and starts towards Cipto as well. This store seems to be even worse than the last one, and she wrinkles her nose a bit at the window display. "What are clothes designers *thinking* these days?" She mutters, just loud enough to be heard by anyone passing close by. "This stuff is hideous."

Cipto continues his weaving through the crowd, avoiding excited children weaving about at knee level as well as older customers who need to shop in plus-size stores. The sound of speech coming from all over the room is muddled to him, but as he continues his path away from the store where he bought the shirt, his eyes fall across Sabrina and gentle smile of recognition creeps over his face. His eyes widen and he tilts his chin toward her as he continues to approach.

Agreeing with nothing more explicit than a nod, Piotr sets off in the direction Walter pointed, his steps kept short for all that his young companion is no longer quite so exceptionally short compared to him. Still a good deal taller than most of those around him, the Russian uses his vantage point to glance around the crowds for any other promising shops, pausing to ask, "What precisely do you need?"

"I'm looking for something for Mira," Walter responds, glancing up at all the various signs.  Absorbed as he is, he fails to recognize Sabrina as they draw close.

Sabrina catches Cipto's nod, and responds in kind, even though she does not immediately recall that she'd talked to him briefly. Looking up at Cipto, however, brings someone else into her line of sight, and her eyes go wide. "Walter!" It's practically a shout, and Sabrina hurries over, heedless of the big, muscular, slightly glowery fellow that's sort of between her and Walter, and the fact that Walter and she were never actually introduced when they met. "My god, it's good to see you. I've been worried about you. How are you doing?"

Cipto's smile falls into a more neutral expression as Sabrina rushes past him, and he lifts one hand to rub the side of his index finger against his chin as she continues to speak loudly behind him. Curiosity winning over courtesy for the time being, Cipto turns to look in the direction from which he came earlier, and with a few steps finds himself in front of Piotr rather than Sabrina and Walter. Tiny Indonesian, meet big Russian. "Oh, sorry, sorry," he offers upward at the near collision.

Looking around as someone calls Walter's name, Piotr blinks slightly at the woman's hurrying towards them and turns his head to watch her, missing Cipto entirely until it is almost too late. His, "Oh, I beg your pardon," mingles with Cipto's own apology, and he gives a faintly sheepish smile down at the much smaller man. "I am sorry," he adds out of habit. "I should have been watching."

Walter tenses, putting his arms between himself and the approaching woman by reflex.  Then he gets a good look at her face, and the arms lower, him stammering for a bit before saying.  "I, I'm okay, I guess..." he responds, holding up his cast to show a souviner of sorts from their last meeting.  "Are you okay?"

Sabrina pulls up when Walter tenses up, belatedly realizing that coming at someone who's been attacked might not be the best idea. She winces in sympathy at sight of the cast. "I'm fine. I was black and blue for a week, but nothing worse than that. I'm sorry you got hurt as bad as you did. Wish I could have stopped them." Finally, tall and muscly registers on Sabrina's radar, and she glances over. And *up*. She's on the tall side for a woman, but ... dang. This guy is TALL. And big. "Ummm ... hi." She offers. "You must be a friend of Walter's?"

Cipto squints as Piotr speaks, continuing to rub his chin as he filters the accent. His own accent is quite obvious, though not incomprehensible, as he responds, "No, no, I should have also watched." His eyes open wider again, and he shoots his own apologetic look up at Piotr. "There is no problem. Ok." The gentle smile returns for a moment, then he casts one more glance back toward Sabrina before slipping once more into the crowd of the mall, his collision-dodging mojo kicking more effectively back into gear as he does so.

With a tiny breath of a chuckle at his apology being reflected back, Piotr watches Cipto's path away from him for a moment before he turns towards Sabrina as she speaks to him, offering her a brief nod in answer to her question. "A student advisor from his school," he adds in clarification, giving her a fleeting smile of greeting. "I am Peter."

"Yeah, I was too, especially my ribs," Walter informs, touching genderly at his side.  He can't help but chuckle at her first reaction to Pete.  "He's chaperoning.  That, or serving as a meat shield if my luck kicks in."  He smiles.  Joking!

Sabrina finally remembers where she'd met Cipto before right about the time the little Indonesian man disappears into the crowds again. She gives a mental shrug along with the reflexive wave that she'd offered the young man as he left, then turned her attention back to Walter and his walking wall of a friend. "Ah, that's good then. Nice to meet you, Peter." She's evidently recovered from her temporary uncertainty now. She puzzles, briefly, over the accent until she realizes he sounds vaguely like Chekov. VERY vaguely. So Russian, or at least something similar. Then she turns back to Walter. "Well, let's hope nothing like that happens. Other than the recovering thing, how have you been?"

Raising an eyebrow in mild amusement at Walter's choice of both sentiment and words, Piotr smiles again at Sabrina before his expression returns to mild neutrality. "It is nice to meet you too," he says with practised courtesy and then falls silent, perfectly content to wait without interrupting as the two converse, and apparently curious at the answer to her question himself.

Walter looks back down at the cast, considering it for a while before his eyes return to Sabrina's.  "Pretty good, considering.  Birthday was last week, and a friend's is coming up, so I'm trying to find her something."  He takes a glance around the mall, eyes returning to the woman.  "How about you?"

"Oh! Well, happy birthday then." Sabrina says on hearing Walter's celebrated his. "I'm doing pretty well. Been kept busy at work lately. Spring always brings 'em out of the woodwork." She glances up at Peter. She's going to get a crick in her neck before the day is out, but she doesn't mind. "How about you? Been having fun trying to keep the kids at the school in line?" She grins a bit. "I don't envy the teachers there one bit. Having to corral a bunch of teenagers is ... scary business." Then, again to Walter. "Hmm, shopping for a birthday present, huh? Got anything in mind?"

Looking almost surprised at being addressed again, and then amused again at Sabrina's question, Piotr gives a diplomatic sideways tilt of his head and an allowing shrug of his lips. "They are not so bad," he excuses them, adding with slightly more feeling than his even tone contained before, "for the most part. Finals are close, so things are relatively quiet at the moment."

Walter looks at the surrounding shops again.  "Uh... no not really.  She likes music, but I'm not quite sure what she has or wants."  He gives Piotr a broad smile.  "Admit it, Pete, you like having us around.  It'd be boring otherwise."

"Ahh, the dreaded finals. Yes, that would account for them being quiet." Sabrina agrees. "That's one thing about school I'll never miss." She cocks her head. "Hmmm ... well, being of the female persuasion myself, maybe I can give you a few pointers?" She offers. "What else does this friend of yours like? I might be able to point you in the direction of a potential gift."

"Boring," Piotr repeats ponderously, adding at a much quieter mutter, "You know, I am not certain I would not /enjoy/ boredom." This is accompanied by a smile for Walter to ensure that the youngster knows he is joking. Mostly. "They are a good group," he admits with a tiny twitch of his eyebrows to Sabrina.

"She likes purple, but that doesn't really combine with music well," Walter begins, sparing Pete a smile at the comment, "Actually, I guess for her it does, but I'd need to bring her along," he adds enigmatically.  "Maybe I should just ask her what she wants and try and get it."

"Considering the kind of stuff that's happened at your school in the past, Peter, I don't much blame you for preferring boredom." Sabrina says. She grins at Walter. "That's actually a rather good idea. Actually, ask her for a list of ideas, that way you can pick one, and she won't know what, exactly, she's getting from you."

A tiny, tight smile is the only answer Piotr gives to Sabrina's comment before lapsing back into his previous motionless silence, watching the pair for just a moment before his gaze tracks off to the side, looking at the shops around that they have visited and those that still remain.

Walter turns to Pete, poking him in the side.  "How about you, Pete?  What do you do for Kitty's birthday?" he asks, looking /up/ towards his chaperone.

Sabrina chuckles a bit as Walter turns the tables on his quiet chaperone, then blinks as what Walter actually said registers. "Ahhh, so you're Kitty's boyfriend then?" She asks Peter, because no way in heck is this boy related to Kitty, and close-knit as the school might (or might not) be, due to the fact everyone is a mutant, Sabrina doesn't quite think they've gotten to the level of everyone buying a gift for everyone's birthday. "I met her, however briefly, the day Walter and I were attacked. Nice girl."

Piotr's side tenses reflexively at the poke; after all, whatever the advantages, increased proximity of little sisters has the down side of increased frequency of tickle attacks. The shift of attention, and the kind of attention, conspire against him to bring a faint flush of pink to his cheeks and he confirms Sabrina's assumption with a nod and a, "Yes, I am. I took her out for dinner last year, and I gave her a necklace, and a painting." At the mention of the latter, the colour in his cheeks fades as quickly as it rose and he goes quiet quickly, the fond look that crossed his expression as he spoke about Kitty pulling taut to something less cheery.

Walter pokes Piotr again, because he's there.  "Hey, cheer up, Pete.  Don't make me tell Yvette you need a visit," he teases.  "So, did Kitty like the dinner?" he asks.

Ahh, young love. Sabrina is hard put to keep from grinning like a loon at the blushing. "Ah, you're a painter?" She asks, sounding honestly interested. She's about to ask what sort of painting he does when his expression changes. She gives him a mildly baffled look, then decides to ask anyway. "What sort of painting do you do?"

Forcing a smile once more in response to Walter's comment, Piotr's answer to Sabrina's question is yet another tiny nod. "I study art at Emerson College. Mostly what I draw and paint is quite traditional, nothing very unusual. And, ah, yes, I think Kitty enjoyed the dinner-- I hope so, at least."

Walter chuckles lightly at the smile, mission accomplished.  He turns to Sabrina, then back to Pete.  "So, I should just ask Mira--Oh, I just remembered.  I think that new Pirates of the Carribean movie is coming out around her birthday," he says excitedly.  "Maybe I can pay for her ticket and stuff."

"I'd love an opportunity to see your paintings sometime, Peter. Most of this more modern stuff looks too much like a five year old coloring on the wall to me." Sabrina says, then she grins at Walter. "That might be a good idea, particularly if she likes that sort of movie." She agrees.

"Except that you risk being compared to the pirates in it," Piotr points out, speaking with unusual acuity: the voice of experience. And then his silence returns, except this time it is a sort of hotly embarrassed silence rather than the cold one of before. He breaks it quickly, telling Sabrina, "The exhibition of art from our finals is still being shown at Emerson. I am not the only one from there with a more traditional style, also."

Walter chuckles a little.  "Yeah, well, Johnny Depp's /way/ to old for her anyway," he chuckles, "and I can always point out how awful they actually smelt."

"Depends on the girl in question, really." Sabrina points out. "Some might not be as enamored of the pirates as others. Jack Sparrow is more than a bit flaky, if you ask me, however good he might look with eyeliner and kohl." Then she laughs. "There you go. And be sure to point out the fleas, and the health issues, too." She tells Walter. "Piracy was anything but the romantic career it's been made out to be by writers and moviemakers alike." She looks back up at Peter. "Well, I'll have to stop by Emerson and check it out." She says.

"Pirates were essentially vagabonds and murderers in real life," Piotr puts in, though the words are not quite as stern as they could be when expressing such sentiments. "The exhibit is in the Redfern Center," he tells Sabrina with a tiny tilt of his hand upwards in a gesture, demonstrative of something unknown.

"No, she likes Johnny Depp.  I think she still has a poster.  But still... Pirates.  Bad smells."  Personal experience.  Walter eyes a music shop down the way.  "Actually... maybe I can see if they're selling posters for the new movie yet."

"Ahh. If you're combating an actual actor, as opposed to the role, then things do get a bit more tangled." Sabrina admits, then nods in agreement with Peter. "You're essentially right." She admits. "You just forgot to add 'thieves' in there, but that sort of goes without saying." She nods. "Redfern center. Got it."

With a nod of admission to Sabrina's statement, Piotr follows Walter's look over towards the music shop and says, "I expect they have already been selling them for several months. Shall we go and have a look?"

"Sure!"  Walter turns to Sabrina.  "Nice seeing you again," he says politely, offering his right hand, encased in a cast from knuckles to nearly elbows.

"Good to see you again too. Now I can stop worrying quite so much." She gently takes the fingers, giving the hand a shake. "Good luck with the present-buying, and I hope to see the two of you around another time."

"Take care," Piotr offers by way of farewell, stepping back to allow Walter to lead on towards the music store, pulling his phone out of his pocket to quickly check the time before replacing it neatly.
Piotr takes Walter into the city. There is shopping.
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