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11/26 Illyana/Piotr - Peter's Ponderings

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Illyana is a cleaningy sort of person, so without being asked, she starts doing the dishes after the after dinner talk has died down, and Monet has headed home. She looks thoughtful, as she washes on autopilot, letting Piotr do any of the rest of the cleaning around her.

Dropping one last onion off the steak plate in his mouth, Piotr goes to put the platter on the pile of dishes next to the sink. Cleaning off the table, he glances over his shoulder. "{I would tell you. If I was interested in a woman. If I was dating a woman.}" He says quietly.

"{Also, I had just said Katya was coming back. You think I would do that to her?"} He sounds rather disappointed as he brings another dish over for her. "{Thank you, by the way. For helping me clean.}"

"{You don't...have to,}" Illyana says, pressing her lips together, and looking apologetic. "{If you're /dating/, it would be nice to know, but anything else--}" She shrugs. "{Being interested, I mean. I don't tell you who I'm interested in.}" She grins, with a bit of a twinkle. She takes the dish he put down next. "{I think you /should/ do that to Katya.}" She doesn't add anything afterward, letting that sink in to full effect.

"{I would. Anyway. And I'm not. In that way. She is a beautiful enough woman but..}" He gives a vague shrug which doesn't really say anything. Or maybe it says a lot, but either way it doesn't really matter. "{I know you don't.}" He says pointedly. Then he's frowning down at her as if disappointed in /her/ this time. "{Yana, that is so mean. Why would I deliberately hurt her like that? I would not do that.}"

Illyana turns around to rest her ass against the edge of the counter, hands dripping a few suds on her skirt. "{You're not doing it to hurt her. You'd be doing it to show her that you're not /hers/. Like a possession she sometimes decides to pick up, and sometimes decides to put down. She seems to think you will just /wait/, while she makes up her mind. What if she never does? You'd wait forever.}" She looks down, lips quirking. "{Anyway. You didn't tell /Monet/ that, did you? Did you see what she was /wearing/?}"

His jaw sets like stone halfway into the monologue, eyes going anywhere else but the relatively small girl stationed in his kitchen. His mouth slowly opens after a moment. "{I called her.}" He admits, albeit weakly. "{I don't think it's like /that/, Yana. She's just.. very confusing. It is a very difficult situation, and I understand that. I am making it hard for her by returning like this and being so... Desperate. It's more my fault than it is hers. But I will do my best not to try and grab at her anymore. She is in love with the grumpy British old man and I must accept that.}" He gives a huge grimace, shoulders slumping for a moment after the part about grumpy Brits. But then, subject change to Monet. "{What do you mean?}"

"{There is a nice girl for you too!}" Illyana says, and comes to put a sudsy hand on his arm for a second. Then she goes back to the dishes. "{I don't think it's so bad yet. But it could be. Stop waiting, stop blaming yourself!}" Full of useful advice for someone who's single, isn't she? "{But maybe not Monet.}" She exhales a laugh. "{Not really a nice girl. Tight leather pants? You invited her to dinner, Piotr. Introduced her to family. I'm not surprised she was getting the wrong idea.}"

"{She was new to the base. Didn't know anyone. I was only being polite, why, you think.."} He tilts his head down at her. "{You think she is attracted to me?}" The tone he uses suggests that he did not notice tight leather pants at all. "{You wear stuff like that, too.}" It's said without any knowledge of whether or not Illyana has ever worn any pants like that.

Illyana puts up her fingertips to her mouth to hide a grin of disbelief. "{Yes. She is. How did you ever manage to find any other girls, Piotr?}" She goes back to washing. "{Sometimes. Not that tight. To a bar. When I want men to notice me.}" For all the confidence she says it with, she looks a bit embarrassed. She talks a big talk now, is shy later.

Leaning back against the counter he frowns lightly. Kitty was really his only serious girlfriend. There were dates, a few spurtz of romance. But anything to last over a week was always with, "{But you don't like her? Monet, I mean.}" Piotr growls lowly. "{You want me to find a girl that isn't Katya, but when a girl that isn't Katya is attracted to me, you are disappointed?}"

"{No!}" Illyana frowns down at the soapy water. "{I do not think she is right for you to marry or something. But you like her, you should go on a date}" Illyana says this very staunchly, but then starts undermining her point. "{Do you like her?}" she asks a bit worriedly.

"{I do not know her. And I am in love with Katya.}" Piotr explains with a light frown. "{Even. If I wasn't still feeling so strongly, for Katya. I..}" The sentence he might be about to say is summarized into a hefty shrug. Rather than make an actual statement, he'll lean in to something else. "{You know Jane's birthday is the day before mine? I heard about her party, coming up.}"

Illyana relaxes at the profession of lack of feelings for Monet. She accepts what sees as a subject change easily enough. "{I want to do something really /nice/ for her,}" she says. "{I am not sure what, though. But I feel bad for her, with finding out about her brother, and what Creed said--}"

"{Maybe we could go to New York. Where her brother's shop. Find something personal. I don't know, bring her a car or something.}" He waves his hands around as if searching for another idea. "{You have any ideas?}" Piotr asks.

"{I don't think a car fits through my doors,}" Illyana says, on a laugh. "{I'm not sure--whether it's better to remind her of her brother, or distract her from him. Have you talked to her about her brother?}"

"{A little.}" Piotr murmurs, pushing himself up from the counter. Going to nudge her over a little with his hip, he starts to take the dishes for himself. He frowns lightly, bringing up a hand to scrub at his face. "{I don't know. It would be nice to get her something nice.}"

"{I could get her something girly.}" Illyana sounds a little worried--Rus doesn't really prepare one for girly, but of the two, she's better off. She makes a squeak of protest, and pretends to fight back for her place, but then she goes after the towel to dry off her hands. "{I wish...I hadn't had to be the one to tell her.}"

"{You think she likes girly?}" Piotr asks as he finishes up the dishes. Setting the recently wet ones on a towel on the counter, he goes to dry off his own hands before making his way for the couch. Going to drop down on it, he engulfs the little book he dropped there before, tucking it into the crevice of the couch.

Illyana comes to lean over the back of the couch, going up on her elbows enough that her feet leave the floor. Apparently her brother brings out her inner six year old. "{Don't you? She always wears bright colors, and she watches moves with people kissing the rain.}"

Bringing his hand up, he goes to press on Illyana's head so that she falls onto the couch back first. A little smile illuminating his features. "{That doesn't mean girly. Maybe -I- like people kissing in the rain. Doesn't make -me- girly.}"

Illyana shows her training now, definitely not a child any longer. She takes the fall onto the couch very relaxed, and then twists immediately so she could be up again at need. She doesn't seem to notice just how much training it reveals, and relaxes back into the couch. "Well, get her movie of people kissing in the rain and then you can watch it with her," she suggests, just joking.

Another little shove is given to Illyana's shoulder, training or no training, he's still bigger. Smirking a little, he tilts his head down. "Maybe I will." He mutters, going to lift his arm up to encurl around her shoulders. Reaching to the arm of the couch he picks up the remote. "Let's find some rain kiss movies." With that he flicks on the TV.
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