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TO: HYPERION, CARPENTER FROM: COLOSSUS Hyperion, I have included… - Peter's Ponderings

About TO: HYPERION, CARPENTER FROM: COLOSSUS Hyperion, I have included…

Previous Entry Oct. 30th, 2009 @ 04:45 pm Next Entry

Hyperion, I have included Carpenter on this e-mail to fully explain myself, my ideology and where I am coming from. I have also included your last e-mail to me in this message. I hope I am not coming off as abrasive, as this is not my intention. I mean to include no threats or warnings and do not mean to be offensive, if I come off this way I deeply apologize. Mister 'Carpenter' I regret that I have yet to meet you. I wish to speak with you on other matters soon if possible. In this e-mail I will describe my actions, my rationale behind them, and my problems with the most recent e-mail I have received.

My codename is Colossus. My mutation is turning into a nearly eight foot tall piece of metal. This was not my choice, and I apologize that I do not have a more discrete and stealthy mutation. As it is, I stand out. I was put in a position where I felt civilians were under possible threat. I maintained my mutation in order to protect them from the infected we had confirmed were in the building. As we know little about this virus, I would do everything in my power to ensure their safety and that they would -not- be effected by the virus. My mutation takes a moment to take effect. I was not willing to risk the few seconds it may take that a civilian or a member of our team to get infected that I could have prevented. Hyperion states we are not to be heroes or save the lives of five people in order to maintain our secrecy. While I understand this line of thinking, I believe it to be inherently flawed.

Perhaps I am mistaken we are here to solve this problem, and to solve this problem we need to prevent the virus from spreading. Were my team or the doctors we rescued infected due to me maintaining our discretion, our organization would be close to destroyed. Hyperion asks the question, what if there had been more? I deem this a question asked out of frustration rather than logical thinking. There -were- no more. If there were more this would be a different e-mail as I would have either changed my course of action, or would have not should we have been under infection invasion.

The fact remains that I will not sacrifice innocent lives rather than -not- use my mutation. If this is a problem, I ask that you inform me immediately and you can expect my letter of resignation in return. Hyperion also suggests shotguns and grenades to use on the infected. These are people who suffer from a disease, not people who have committed crimes and have been committed to death row. This calloused statement gives me pause. The infected should be sedated and restrained rather than sentenced to death for their unfortunate geographical placement.

I will take every precaution I can to maintain discretion, but I was not the one who volunteered for this project. I was brought here. The purpose is to as Hyperion said, save 600,000 lives. Lives generally aren't saved by grenades.

I also feel that a lone mutant does not expose the entire organization of X-Force. But that is neither here nor there, thank you for your time.
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